At We The People Consulting Group

Who We Are

We The People Consulting Group LLC (WTPCG) is a small, minority owned, Seattle based consulting firm.

Founded by Emin Galoostian and Alfredo Cisneros, WTPCG is a network of open minded and collaborative individuals who are here to support your organization. Through new technologies, relevant data, and strategic planning we have will help shape the future of new business.

We are consultants of the people, for the people, by the people and we are here to leave an impact on the world.


Our mission is to help organizations in our communities reach their fullest potential utilizing new technologies, relevant data, and strategic planning


Our vision is to help build a web of businesses and organizations who collectively work towards a brighter future for all our communities. 

What Makes Us Different

Is our commitment to our clients. We know hiring outside help can be frustrating, that is why our team’s focus on three pillars, communication, simplicity, and autonomy.

We believe communication is the first and most important pillar. Through our communication methods we will understand your business, your needs, and how we can add value.

We will provide a simple and efficient product or services, all while not limiting but empowering current operations.

Our final pillar is autonomy. We want our clients to succeed even after we are gone. We want to help clients grow from their routes and have the tools available to continue the growth.

WTPCG prides itself on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our team consists of 40% women and 85% individuals with different ethnic backgrounds. Each of our members bring diverse talents and experiences to your table. We encourage the fostering of deep collaboration to create a lasting impact for our stakeholders.

Join us and be part of the WTPCG Business Network